Webinar: Snapchat: A Marketing Machine for Auto Dealers

Hosted by Joel Sesco | Adtaxi National Director of Automotive and                    Shane Dwyer | Snapchat Business Solutions Manager

May 16th at 3pm EST

Mobile devices heavily influence auto shoppers, particularly for younger buyers. To reach this audience, Snapchat has become a powerful channel for an authentic impact. With unique creative units and audience targeting, as well as measurement options specifically designed for the automotive industry, Snapchat has evolved from a branding tool to a conversion-based marketing machine.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The evolution of automotive shopping habits and how it influences the buying cycle
  • Snapchat's dynamic audience, how they engage and what this means for dealers
  • How to execute a successful Snapchat ad campaign based on dealership objectives 
  • Measuring results and applying insights

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